Parental Minds Counselling

Parental Minds Counselling service - Counselling for parents and carers

At Parental Minds, we understand that one of the most common barriers to accessing therapy is the high cost usually associated with private therapy, which can range from £45-£75 per hour. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing affordable counselling services to all.

Our low-cost counselling service ensures that cost never becomes a hindrance on your journey to wellness. We firmly believe that quality mental health support should be within reach for everyone, and our mission is to make that a reality.

At Parental Minds, we prioritise efficiency without compromising on the quality of care. Typically, we aim to assess and start clients with a counsellor within 2-3 weeks of their initial contact, facilitating a prompt start to their counselling journey. Where this is not possible, we can offer regular listening calls with our trained listeners whilst waiting for counselling. Your wellbeing is our priority, and we work diligently to get you the support you need when you need it.

Unlike many other services, we firmly believe that therapy should be a journey tailored to your needs. Unlike some services, we do not impose session limits, we provide you with the support you require for as long as you need our services, ensuring a comprehensive and supportive therapeutic experience.

What is Talking therapy?

Talking therapy gives you an opportunity to speak to someone about how you are feeling. They are independent from your family and friends, which means that you may feel able to speak to them more openly. They help you to find your own ways of making changes in your life, to identify your strengths and to help you find new ways of dealing with any difficulties.

Where will we meet?

The sessions will be face to face in Honiton or Exeter, virtually or by telephone.

When do the sessions take place?

Your talking therapist will contact you to arrange this and will agree the frequency of sessions and give you an estimation of the number of sessions they feel is appropriate for your needs.

Who can access these sessions?

Parents and caregivers accessing our support service, Parent+. Where we have availability, additional spaces can be accessed via our partner agencies. 

How do I access counselling?

Please ask your current Parent+ peer support worker for the form.

What happens next?

When we have matched you with a talking therapist they will contact you to arrange your first appointment. In some circumstances, we may also supply you with their details.

What if I feel these session aren’t working for me?

We would encourage you to discuss any issues with your talking therapist, as they will be able to talk to you about this and possibly explore different ways of working with you.

All our Talking Therapists are DBS checked, work under their own insurance and offer their time voluntarily to Parental Minds CIC families. Parental Minds operates as a not-for-profit Social Enterprise, reinvesting income from our Private Counselling service to further support and finance our low-cost services. This allows us to continue positively impacting the lives of individuals seeking assistance.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.