Face Facts

May 17, 2024 | All Resources, How can I support them today?

A guide to communicating with someone who is struggling with their emotions.

The video for FACE FACTS and the BSL interpreter was funded by the Recovering Devon Development Fund.

I think the document is wonderful. It is really accessible and comes to life with the young peoples’ quotations. The guidance is sound and helpful, and really clear. It has my full support! You have covered the exact sort of guidance I would give, in a brilliantly family-friendly way! 

The acronym is memorable and the suggestions are all appropriate for families and friends of those experiencing emotional dysregulation to navigate a period of crisis, for example when impulsive harmful behaviours occur.  The focus on pausing between each suggestion before moving on to the next one is helpful and more likely to result in de-escalation.

Dr D Starley